Simone de Geus

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Photographer Simone de Geus (1974) is specialised in interior photography,  fashion,  food and company photo reportage. Simone works on commission, but whenever she has the time, she concentrates on her creative exhibition work. Simone works both in the Netherlands and abroad but is based at her studio in Sprang-Capelle, the Netherlands. It’s a fascinating, inspirational place. Read more about it under “Studio (to rent)”.

simone’s style

As an image-maker and someone who thinks in images, Simone prefers quiet and clarity. She plays with light and composition, allowing subtle accents to create an exciting tension. With the utmost patience, she waits for the right moment. Every photograph is intertwined with her vision, dedication, creativeness, knowledge and many years of experience. Simone captures an experience or emotion in a powerful and entirely unique way.

the preparation

All shoots start with careful preparation: Simone familiarises herself with the commission with an open, inquisitive mind. She observes and listens to get right to the heart of the matter. If necessary, Simone puts together a creative team of stylists, make-up artists and designers - people she has known and worked with for years and who understand what she wants in only half a word. Simone manages the production right down to the smallest detail: she will find the perfect location, provide the styling material, the models, et cetera, to ensure a top-quality result at the end of the project.

simone de geus’ background

In her third year at Sint Lucas (Boxtel, the Netherlands) in 1995, Simone de Geus was introduced to photography and film work. Inspired, she expanded her knowledge at AKV St. Joost (Breda), graduating from the spatial design programme. During and after her course, she acquired plenty of practical experience as an intern and later assisting photographers Anja van Wijgerden, Will van der Vlugt and Marcel van der Vlugt and working in large studios in Amsterdam. While at working an advertising studio in Best, the Netherlands, she made the move from assistant to independent photographer and now has more than 20 years of experience in this profession. Educated in the analogue era, Simone has an impressive volume of technical knowledge, which gives her work certain distinction. She works mainly with digital photography, though sometimes uses analogue techniques (too). She still applies the skills she acquired in the photo lab to processing images and footage, etc.

let the pictures speak for themselves